The Electric State

Simon Stålenhag’s stunning sci-fi art book, The Electric State, hits the big screen in a visually captivating but narratively uneven film. A teenage girl and her toy robot companion travel a desolate American landscape searching for her missing brother. Breathtaking visuals mingle with unsettling moments, but the story might leave you wanting more.
**The film captures the essence of Stålenhag’s artwork, bringing his retro-futuristic world of towering robots and abandoned technology to life. The visuals are truly stunning, creating a haunting and melancholic atmosphere.
**The young actress playing the lead delivers a strong performance, portraying her character’s resilience and determination. The supporting cast featuring [Insert actor name(s)] adds depth and mystery to the journey.
Overall, The Electric State (2019) is a visually stunning film with strong performances. It captures the melancholy beauty of Stålenhag’s art and offers a unique sci-fi experience. However, the uneven narrative and lack of resolution might leave some viewers disappointed.

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