The Terminal List (2022)

Chris Pratt ditches the space suit for a Navy SEAL uniform in The Terminal List (2022). Pratt plays James Reece, a troubled commander haunted by the memories of a disastrous mission. Returning home with fragmented memories and unexplained casualties from his platoon, Reece suspects foul play. This gripping revenge thriller follows him as he unravels a dark conspiracy.
The Terminal List starts strong, with a captivating mystery and intense action sequences. Pratt delivers a gritty performance as a man consumed by grief and suspicion.
However, the plot can meander at times, and the conspiracy elements become a bit convoluted. The film walks a fine line between believable military thriller and over-the-top action flick.
The ending might leave you wanting more. It feels somewhat abrupt, leaving certain plot threads unresolved.
Overall, The Terminal List (2022) is a watchable action thriller elevated by Chris Pratt’s committed performance. If you’re looking for explosions, revenge, and a decent mystery, give it a shot. However, don’t expect a perfectly crafted thriller with deep character development.

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